Yocto Embedded Linux BSP Workshop

   Training Highlights

* Grab phyBOARD-WEGA eLinux Board worth INR 10,000.00 by paying
   INR 500.00 Only.

* Building custom Embedded Linux distribution using Yocto.

* Developing BSP for your custom Hardware.

* Deep dive in to Bootloader, Kernel & Root File System

* Unlock Device Tree Concept

* Expertise Platform Device Drivers

   Training Contents

* Get Comfort with ARM Target Board

* PhyBoard-WEGA System Arch

* Boot Process from PowerOn

- Primary Boot Loader

- Main Boot Loader ( U-Boot / Barebox )

- Kernel & Root File System

* Flashing Images using TFTP

- ( BootLoader, Kernel, RFS )

* Cross compile C app and Execute on Target

Yocto Build System in depth

* Bitbake and OpenEmbedded

* Metadata file types

* User configuration files

* Layers, recipes and classes

* Using Hob to build an image

*Yocto outputs ( dirs and components and its formats )

Manage Custom Layers in Yocto

* Appending packages to a file system image

* Managing new layers using Git

* Image and package recipes

* Using layers to modify recipes

* Creating a new distribution

* Linux package management tools

* Package release versioning

Systems Integration

* Creating a new BSP layer

* Patching existing kernel/U-boot code

* Linux-yocto compatible kernels

* Kernel out-of tree module recipes

* Managing multiple board configurations

Bootloader & Kernel Deep Dive HANDS-ON

* Bootloader Code Walk through

* Basic Hardware Configuration in Bootloader


- Communication Ports ( Serial, Ethernet )

* Lab Modify/Add GPIO Driver to power LED status in Bootloader code and test it on Target

* Kernel Code Walk through

* Kernel Modifications for basic Board Booting

- Board File Structure & Components

- Understanding Pin Muxing

* Adding devices inits in Board File

* Understanding Platform data

* Adding PMIC configuration for power domains

* Modifying Voltage Regulator for different devices

* Adding NAND support

* Adding Serial Port

* Make file modifications & Board Config file creation

Device Drivers HANDS-ON

* Walkthrough MMC domain in AM335x & its implementation

* Lab Add SD-CARD support to Board file and enable root file system to be mounted from SD-Card partition.

* Walkthrough GPIO’s and its driver implementation

* Lab Modify Board file to configure any pin of WEGA Board and test it using Linux user application.

* Understanding UARTs in AM335x and its driver components

* Lab Modify Board file to configure UART-2 & UART-3 on WEGA Board and test it using Linux user application.

* Intput Subsystem in Linux

* Lab: Modify Board file to Configure Switches on WEGA board to generate input events & test it from user app.

* I2C Subsytem in Linux

* Lab: Modify Board file to add support of i2c based EEPROM or RTC and test it using user app.

* SPI Subsytem in Linux

* Lab: Modify Board file to add SPI based External ADC device to WEGA Board and test it from user app.

* Display Sub-System in Linux

* Lab: Configure the 7inch LCD Display and test it using fbtest utils in linux.

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   Additional Details

Fees: India: 6000.00 INR || Europe: 350 Euro || USA: 400 USD || Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China, Arabian Countries [ Call us ]
Board Link : http://www.phytec.in/products/sbc/wega.html
Source Code Link : ftp://ftp.phytec.de/pub/Software/Linux/BSP-Yocto-AM335x/BSP-Yocto-AM33
Download the complete event details : Click this link


* Laptop with 30GB Free Space.
* Install Ubuntu-12.04LTS before day ( get support for installing support@phytec.in )
* Good C Programming Knowledge
* Basic Micro Controler Programming Knowledge
* Linux Programming Knowledge[Linux Internals & Advance Programming/Embedded Linux porting on ARM]
* Linux Device Driver Knowledge [ Device Drivers Programming on ARM ]

   Trainer Profile

B. Vasu Dev
Experience: With 10+ Years of Industry Experience, worked at major MNCs like LG, Wipro & MIC Electronics now as a Director of PHYTEC Embedded Pvt. Ltd and Chief Technology Officer at EasyARM/AES. Worked on ARM based SOC design, System Software Development, Linux Porting, BSP Development, Android Porting & Android BSP Development. In past few years trained more than 3000 working professionals in INDIA and overseas to upgrade their skill to meet the current technology project requirements of ARM, Linux & Android.

   Contact Details

#9/1 1st Floor, 3rd Main, 8th Block,
Opp. Police Station Kormangala,
Tel: +91-9972039671
Email-id: info@aeslab.com